NIDA ONLINE COPY - Nakala Ya Kitambulisho Cha NIDA 2024

NIDA online Copy or Nakala Ya Kitambulisho ya NIDA. Or NIDA copy ya kitambulisho. ( copy ya kitambulisho download)

NIDA Online Copy - Nakala Ya Kitambulisho Cha NIDA 2022

Many Tanzanians struggle find NIDA numbers, NIDA numbers have been a challenge almost every time a Tanzanian citizens need government or even non-government services.

Initially the initial procedure was a bit difficult for people to get NIDA number easily but now the Government of Tanzania has made things easier as you can get your NIDA number online, Read all the procedures on how to Get your NIDA number. copy ya kitambulisho download

Every Tanzanian registered for NIDA can find his number through jihudumie NIDA online system.

NIDA online Copy - Nakala Ya Kitambulisho Cha NIDA

NIDA had officially announced since 2020, there should no NIDA online Copy service in it's portal.

It is to say, NIDA is no longer offering online id Copy. In case you need it just give up now.

Don't waste your data bundle to find articles that can help you download a NIDA online copy.

Of course you can, but not successfully. NIDA only offers the service, no one else can help you get online Copy as NIDA officially announced it.

NIDA ONLINE copy was essentially for printing purpose or to be used online. But other Tanzanian went far, they printed it and cropped to be used as a NIDA ID.

To get a copy of NIDA online has been cancelled and anyone who wants a NIDA ID should visit at office to find it.

This is evidence from NIDA website.

The announcement above rose a lot of questions from the affected people especially those who quickly wanted to get NIDA copy ya kitambulisho or copy ya kitambulisho download  Few broke silence and asked questions in a comment section.


The following below is how to open account for Online application of Tanzania E-National ID

Visit official website link

Then Click on Create account button

After page open fill need information’s which are as follows;

Email Address


Confirm Password

Select citizenship type


Legal Resident


Enter captcha text

Finally click create account button.



Kwa wale wasiokuwa na Vitambulisho lakini walijiandikisha awali,. Angalia kitambulisho chako kilipo kupitia hii link

Unahitaji Namba ya NIDA, Bonyeza batani ya kijani hapa chini

About NIDA online copy - NIDA copy ya kitambulisho

Make sure that you read the whole guide because we have taken into account all information on NIDA online copy for the best tips for you! NIDA online copy details are available on this page.


From the announcement and comments above, it proves that NIDA has cancelled the online Copy service in it's portal. copy ya kitambulisho download

If you were struggling to find your copy of NIDA Online or Nakala Ya Kitambulisho Cha NIDA you should give up now. 

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